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Bernice Doboyou Avatar

This place is amazing, because I had a very bad lower back pain and when I went to see Dr.... read more

Bernice Doboyou 9/15/2022
Jamey Cossette Avatar

Was very happy with my results, years of back and neck pain. I called in on a Saturday because... read more

Jamey Cossette 8/25/2022
joseph shook Avatar

I've always had good results. Not only does he address the immediate concern, but he gives you exercises to do... read more

joseph shook 8/16/2022
Chris Hansen Avatar

After mouths of no success working with another local chiropractor, I was referred to 701 Chiropractic & Rehab by a... read more

Chris Hansen 7/14/2022
Jedd McCollum Avatar

Ben is awesome! I was randomly looking for a chiropractor for numbness in my hand and shoulder soreness. I'm glad... read more

Jedd McCollum 6/23/2022
Kalliann Solberg Avatar

With just one visit I feel so much better! Gives lots of very helpful tips and things to help for... read more

Kalliann Solberg 1/03/2022
Anna Anvarinia Avatar

Dr. Ben has helped keep me aligned over the past couple of months and with any pain or issues I’m... read more

Anna Anvarinia 1/03/2022
Deb Krueger Avatar

I highly recommend Dr. Ben to anyone in search of quality care. His patient care is exceptional, his treatment techniques... read more

Deb Krueger 1/03/2022
Brian Anvarinia Avatar

I’ve been seeing Dr Ben for almost a year, truly impressed by his commitment to help me get pain free…... read more

Brian Anvarinia 1/03/2022
Middi Dzihic Avatar

Ben made my first true chiropractic experience phenomenal. I’ve been to multiple before that did not make me feel comfortable... read more

Middi Dzihic 1/03/2022
Middi Dzihic Avatar

Ben made my first true chiropractic experience phenomenal. I’ve been to multiple before that did not make me feel comfortable... read more

Middi Dzihic 12/29/2021
jeni brooks Avatar

Great service and very informative, was having neck pain and was able to make me feel much better and gave... read more

jeni brooks 12/03/2021
Ryan Dahl Avatar

If you want to learn more about your own body mechanics and how to help prevent yourself from suffering through... read more

Ryan Dahl 12/03/2021
Alicia Avatar

When I called after being in pain for 3 days, Ben managed to get me in and helped me figure... read more

Alicia 10/03/2021
Adeline Teske Avatar

Dr. Ben has been great. I did something to my back and neck over the weekend and was able to... read more

Adeline Teske 9/03/2021
Angelik Trapp Avatar

I have struggled with shoulder pain for 2 years. It would get so severe that sometimes even just breathing was... read more

Angelik Trapp 9/03/2021
Kimberly Gordon Avatar

Excellent knowledge and great chiropractic skills! He knows how to teach stretches and exercises to help with issues going... read more

Kimberly Gordon 8/03/2021
Tommy Reinking Avatar

Ben is awesome! Been in there multiple times for different issues and he takes care of it.

Tommy Reinking 8/03/2021
Kristi Brovold Avatar

Dr. Ben’s treatment and education is exactly what I needed. I had a shot for my bursitis but it wasn’t... read more

Kristi Brovold 7/03/2021
Kevin Bro Avatar

Ben is very knowledgeable in the art of chiropractics and does not buy in to the woo woo practices that... read more

Kevin Bro 6/03/2021
Samantha Duitsman Avatar

I am so happy with how quickly and consistently pain and headaches that I have been dealing with for years... read more

Samantha Duitsman 6/03/2021
Alexis Kringlie Avatar

I woke up on a saturday morning in tears due to neck/back pain & called 6 different chiropractors in the... read more

Alexis Kringlie 6/03/2021
Daniel Kiefat Avatar

Dr. Benjamin is a great chiropractor. His thorough evaluation and superb adjusting skills and rehab make you confident that you... read more

Daniel Kiefat 6/03/2021
Zach Brenamen Avatar

Great place, great atmosphere. Dr. Ben does a great job all around; he goes above and beyond with service, information... read more

Zach Brenamen 6/03/2021
Greg Yeager Avatar

I can't speak for his business partner as I've never seen him but I highly recommend Dr Robers, after injuring... read more

Greg Yeager 6/03/2021
Kacie Erickson Avatar

Ben at 701 Chiropractic has been great to work with! I woke with severe neck pain on a Saturday and... read more

Kacie Erickson 6/03/2021
Jamie Bateman Avatar

I am so glad I found and met Dr. Ben as he has helped me find relief from my back,hip... read more

Jamie Bateman 6/03/2021
Crystal Schostag Avatar

Not only are the adjustments great, but Ben educated me on specific exercises for my back that I am able... read more

Crystal Schostag 6/03/2021
jeremiah berlin Avatar

I had some terrible back pain on a weekend called 701 chiropractic and Ben was great to work with. ... read more

jeremiah berlin 6/03/2021
Alyssa Storlie Avatar

Dr. Ben does a wonderful job of making his clients feel heard and is very thorough to get down to... read more

Alyssa Storlie 6/03/2021
Korreen Mason Avatar

Very good at what he does. My back and hip are not sore anymore. He actually also gave me exercises... read more

Korreen Mason 6/03/2021
Derek Gagner Avatar

Was in town for weekend and had back pain, was able to get me in on a Saturday morning and... read more

Derek Gagner 6/03/2021
Ashley G Avatar

Called for some information on foot orthotics, the Doctor answered the phone and was very helpful!

Ashley G 6/03/2021
Gavin Myers Avatar

Dr. Ben Roberts is extremely knowledgeable and cares immensely about his patients. I had the pleasure of getting to... read more

Gavin Myers 6/03/2021
Mike Ormond Avatar

Driving through Fargo, ND this weekend, my neck and back were fairly stiff and sore from the long drive that... read more

Mike Ormond 6/03/2021
John Dvorak Avatar

Dr. Ben Robers was able to get me in the day that my back flared up. He set my back... read more

John Dvorak 6/03/2021
jimmy towne Avatar

Great service and a willingness to help and have you move through to recovery. Open when you can come in... read more

jimmy towne 6/03/2021
Sylver Zimmerman Avatar

I’ve had a great experience at 701 chiropractic! It’s a very friendly atmosphere that really feels like you are being... read more

Sylver Zimmerman 6/03/2021
Ana Avatar

My entire family goes to see Dr. Ben when is need it, and we highly recommended him.

Ana 5/08/2021
Donald Kenna Avatar

I went to see Ben at 701 Chiropractic and he worked on a persistent lower back/hip pain. I have been... read more

Donald Kenna 6/03/2020
Doug Fincel Avatar

After visiting Dr. Robers the first time, he did an excellent job of helping me to understand what was causing... read more

Doug Fincel 6/03/2020
Jeff and Julie Flatland Avatar

I met with Dr. Robers for an issue with tingling in my hand. He did an evaluation prior to... read more

Jeff and Julie Flatland 6/03/2020
Elena Fry Avatar

Dr Ben did a very good job on assessing what the issue was with my hip. The adjustment went great... read more

Elena Fry 6/03/2020
Nicole Malard Avatar

Great service. Friendly chiropractor. Goes over what he is doing and explains to you in layman's terms to where easy... read more

Nicole Malard 6/03/2020
Marilyn Elezabeth Avatar

Highly recommend Dr. Benjamin! He helped me with a soft tissue injury to my back, and gave me exercises... read more

Marilyn Elezabeth 6/03/2020
Amy Kempfer Avatar

I have a very tricky low back to adjust, and Dr. Ben nails it every time! I appreciate his knowledge... read more

Amy Kempfer 6/03/2020
Yesenia Guerrero Avatar

Dr.Ben is a really great chiropractor! I had low back pain that had been recurring for years ever since I... read more

Yesenia Guerrero 6/03/2020
Andi Wheeler Avatar

Dr. Robers is awesome. This was my first time seeking chiropractic care and I’m glad I finally went for it.... read more

Andi Wheeler 6/03/2020
Broderick Schmidt Avatar

I've known Dr. Robers for some time now and can tell you he is awesome at what he does and... read more

Broderick Schmidt 6/03/2020
Kristie Kelsch Avatar

Get into alignment with Dr. Ben. He brings experience, knowledge, care and customer service to Fargo. He is... read more

Kristie Kelsch 6/03/2020
Nicole Malard Avatar

Great service. Makes you feel welcome and helps you to understand how to keep on track on between appointments. ... read more

Nicole Malard 12/07/2019
Marilyn Elezabeth Avatar

I injured my back and could barely bend over to do anything. I went to see Benjamin and he... read more

Marilyn Elezabeth 12/02/2019